As we mentioned before, the paleo diet is growing in a big way, especially for athletes. Why is this? 

When your serious about working out or playing sports, you tend to pay a lot of attention to what you eat. Your body doesn’t function at it’s best when it’s full of junk. When you eat “clean”, that it foods that provide your body with natural nutrients and don’t fill it with useless sludge, your muscles function better, and you have more energy and endurance. It’s a lot easier to make it through a tough workout after a salad with grilled chicken than a burger and fries. 

The paleo diet provides athletes with a healthy diet, that fuels their bodies, provides plenty of protein and good carbs and helps them push through brutal exercises, yet doesn’t force them to count calories, watch fat grams or starve. By eating a paleo diet, they can focus on their training, rather than their diet. 

For these athletes, eating a paleo diet is more of a lifestyle change than a diet. 

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