I came across a great blog post from one of my favorite sites, nerdfitness.com, and it cracked me up so much that I thought it definitely worth a share. 

The post itself is about surviving in The Hunger Games, but there were a few paragraphs about Katniss’ diet, where (and I will insert said paragraphs below), you will see that Katniss’ paleo diet definitely gave her an advantage in the arena. 

I currently happen to be reading the 2nd book in The Hunger Games series, so of course I’m left planning my personal strategy, should I ever be forced into a fight to the death for food and survival, so I’m glad I’ve been working on my hunter-gatherer skills. 😛

Here’s the snippet from the blog post:

“Katniss spends her days hunting out in the woods, tracking and trapping animals, fishing in ponds, foraging for plants and roots, hunting with a bow and arrow to take down deer, and carrying all of those things back home.  While the other tributes in the game have to rely on the food provided to them at the start of the games, Katniss survives by hunting and finding her own food in the wilderness.

What we can learn from Katniss: Katniss is a prime example of a paleo eater, built for optimal functionality – sure she indulges by eating bread every once in a blue moon, but for the most part she eats what she can catch, capture, or grow.  Now it’s your turn.

You might not need to go out in the woods and hunt things this afternoon, but it doesn’t mean you can’t eat natural foods and avoid the processed stuff.  As Michael Pollan will tell you, “eat real food, mostly plants.”  The more real things you can purchase (or hunt, or grow) and the more you can learn how to prepare food for yourself, the less reliant you will be on outside sources for sustenance (drive through windows, instant meals, microwave dinners) and the better chance you’ll have at surviving for a long and healthy existence.”